Leather tools from Sinabroks now for sale at Leatherbox

The best of the best. Top of the bill. The icing on the cake. What else can we say when it comes to the best of the best? Sinabroks.

Sinabroks is one of the world's most acclaimed suppliers of leather tools for professional leather craftsmen. Each handmade tool from this South Korean manufacturer is unique and of exclusive top quality. The robust tools are very suitable for heavier work and thicker leathers. This is where craft meets perfection. It is proof that true craftsmanship still exists. That's why our customers often ask for it.

Now we can finally announce that Sinabroks as of April 2023 can be ordered at Leatherbox! The tools will be delivered early May 2023. We look forward to working with this new supplier.

Pre-order Sínabroks and receive FREE leather

Until April 30th, 2023, everyone who pre-orders in our webshop will receive a FREE panel of leather of your choice from our Vienna, Vienna Crust, Monza, or Sevilla collection.

Check out the Sinabroks tools in the Leatherbox webshop.