Alternatives to leather without animal origin

Choose the Italian supplier Mabel if you want a leather alternative, based on waste from the food industry.


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An alternative to leather without animal origin

Leather alternatives without animal origin are known to many people as vegan leather. The word ‘leather’ is protected by European law and may only be used for tanned animal hides. To avoid confusion about the origin and sustainability of the material, a leather alternative may not officially be called vegan leather, apple leather, pineapple leather, cactus leather or mango leather.

All currently known leather alternatives are composed of a small portion of vegetable raw materials, combined with plastics (PU or PL). A leather alternative is therefore not by definition more sustainable in comparison to a traditional type of leather. Because Leatherbox is open to alternative solutions and new directions, we offer the Frumat Appleskin™ leather alternatives from Mabel in our webshop. This Italian producer uses fibers from apple residues, which is waste from the food industry. The process of turning this into a leather alternative has been patented by Mabel.

Great for designers to give it a try, or to design for customers and friends who only want to use vegan products. At Leatherbox you can choose from different leather alternatives from Mabel.