YKK Official Color card

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Discover the complete spectrum of creativity with the official YKK Color Card, exclusively available at Leatherbox.com. Our YKK Color Card is your ultimate tool to create impeccable designs with the assurance of precision color matching.

This color card features an extensive range of nearly 600 hues and tones, enabling designers to perfectly match their design's desired YKK zipper tape color. From YKK Excella to other YKK zippers, this comprehensive color card covers them all. It's an essential asset for any fashion designer, craft artist, or DIY enthusiast who wants their leather design to be spot-on.

The benefits at a glance

Extensive Range: With nearly 600 hues at your fingertips, you're bound to find the perfect shade that complements your design to perfection.

Accurate Depiction: The YKK Color Card allows for precise color matching, mitigating the risk of guesswork and potential mismatches.

Official YKK Product: This is not a knock-off or a third-party imitation. This color card is straight from YKK, ensuring authenticity, reliability, and consistency.

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