Leatherbox Academy

Brings leatherworkers together to a higher level

The Leatherbox Academy is a platform that connects leather professionals in their passion for leather crafting. By offering events and workshops, the Leatherbox Academy supports leather workers of every level in developing knowledge and skills to achieve the best results.

Leatherbox leather crafting workshops and events

As a leather worker you always want the best result. At Leatherbox we are happy to help you by supplying the highest quality leather and leather crafting tools. But sometimes, in addition to the right products, you also need advice and guidance during the working process. That is why we like to go a step further with the Leatherbox Academy to help you grow as a designer and support you in your leather crafting projects.

The Leatherbox Academy offers courses, workshops and events on the Leatherbox webshop. By connecting leather workers, influencers and schools here, both the avid hobbyist and the professional leather worker are able to increase their knowledge and skills.

Here you will find events on various topics, at various locations and from both Leatherbox and external parties.

Online and live leather crafting courses at Leatherbox

Our goal is to bring leather enthusiasts together in their passion for leather crafting. Do you opt for a short online course to increase your knowledge, a one day workshop at Leatherbox, or at an external location to work on your skills, or maybe you want to visit a leading tannery? At the Leatherbox Academy you will always find current events on topics such as hand stitching techniques, leather recognition, sustainable tanning methods and more.

Leather crafting blogs and knowledge base

Would you rather first increase your knowledge yourself?
Then take a look at our blogs, tips and whitepapers on leather crafting.