When performing a handstitch, you first start by threading the needles. These need to be formed into some type of knot, so you will be able to create the right tension when pulling the thread tight. In order to do so, here are some steps to make sure your thread is well fixed to your needles.


Threading the needle

The first step is to pull the thread through the needle. Just putting the thread through the eye of the needle and pulling it through.

Piercing the needle through the thread
Pull the end of the thread through the needle and start piercing the needle around 2-3 centimeter from the end of the thread. It might be hard to get it at first, what could help is twisting the thread the other direction to create openings in the thread so you can easily pierce through.
Repeat the last step 2 more times, creating an S-shape on your needle. 
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When you created the S-shape, you grasp it between your indexfinger and thumb and pull it towards the end of the needle, let it fall of the needle and pull all the thread down. Pull on the longer side of the thread to pull everything tight. Now you have created the knot that you need in order to handstitch. Do this aswell at the other end of the thread and you are good to go!

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