We supply this item in 5 different sizes to suit everyone's desired application. They are the skins of a calf so the shapes and sizes may differ slightly, except for the panel.

Infographic measurement Leatherbox Cow skins


Panel A rectangular A4 piece with an exact length and width of 30 x 20 cm.
Coupon Here we promise approximately 50 x 45 cm
Quarter hide* A quarter of the calf's skin from approximately:
85 x 75 cm or;
95 x 80 cm or;
100 x 90 cm.
Half hide* Half a calf skin cut across the back of approximately:
170 x 75 cm or;
190 x 80 cm.
Full hide* A Full skin of the calf of approximately:
170 x 150 cm or;
190 x 160 cm.

* The dimensions differ per collection.