From dream to reality, with these leatherwork tools you will make it happen

Founded in South-Korea, Dream Factory started from humble beginnings. Since day one their commitment has been to develop innovative, high quality leather tools, aimed to simplify, enhance and bring joy to your leatherwork journey. Stop dreaming and start crafting!


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About Dream Factory

With a background in precision machinery design, spanning for over 20 years, it was Mister Lee Ho-Myung who founded Dream Factory. With their highly popular adjustable folding stitching pony finding its way to many leather workers and leather schools around the world, it was actually their standing stitching pony that first saw the light of day in June, 2017. Initially developed as a tool for his wife, who was a leather craft student, the introduction of their standing stitching pony marked the beginning of, South-Korea based, Dream Factory.

November 2017 the adjustable folding stitching pony was introduced. Design, functionality and exceptionally smart details made this product immensely popular. Moving forward a wide array of high-quality tools has been launched. Regardless of which Dream Factory tool lands in your workshop, rest assured it was developed exploring innovative ideas, aiming to simplify and enhance the leather working experience for leather workers of all levels. Dream Factory strongly believes in the following principle: if their product is even slightly inferior to their competitors’ they won’t sell it.