Handstitching Guide

Tips for creating the perfect stitchline for your project

Learning how to handstitch

At Leatherbox.com, we understand that creating the perfect handstitch can be overwhelming, especially for new leather crafters. That's why we've created this comprehensive guide to help you perfect the art of handstitching.

Choose your style

Pricking irons

At Leatherbox.com, you'll discover a diverse range of high-quality pricking irons, each designed in different styles for various applications such as bags, wallets, and other leather goods. Explore the French style (slits), Diamond style, and the round holes. Each style has unique characteristics

using the right tools

Tool selection

Enter the realm of hand-stitched elegance with Leatherbox, where every tool is a brushstroke in your leather masterpiece. Discover the art of precision stitching, from choosing the ideal needles to crafting flawless edges with a thread hammer. Explore our curated tool recommendations, transforming hand stitching into an intricate dance of craftsmanship. Click to unveil the tools that elevate your leather creations into a realm of unparalleled beauty.

tradition against modernity

Linnen or Polyester

In the intricate world of hand-stitched leather crafting, the choice between linen and polyester threads unfolds a fascinating narrative. Linen gracefully ages with leather, embodying tradition, while resilient polyester threads, requiring only one backstitch and a swift touch of flame, offer a modern, enduring approach. Either way both will tell the story of craftsmanship and class.

Creating the perfect start

Threading the needle

Threading the needle can be challenging, yet, while doing so, a good start is half the battle. First, thread the needle, leaving about a centimeter protruding and holding it between your fingers. Pass the needle through the thread, which might be challenging, so twisting the thread in opposite directions creates openings for easier threading. Repeat this three times, then slide the loops off the needle, forming a knot crucial for maintaining the right tension while stitching.

Creating the perfect stitch

The Saddle Stitch

Delve into the meticulous art and craftsmanship of the saddle stitch, where every stitch becomes a testament to precision and dedication. In our upcoming article, we unravel the intricacies of this time-honored technique that transcends mere stitching – it's an art form. Click through to explore the nuances of the saddle stitch, where the dance of needle and thread transforms leather into a canvas of unparalleled beauty. Embrace the journey of mastering this craft as we guide you through each meticulous step.

If you share our commitment to responsible sourcing, we encourage you to explore the specifications provided for each leather type. These details will give you valuable insights into the origin and sustainability aspects of the leather.

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All good things must come to an end

Finishing threads

Completing the threads marks the final touch in your hand-stitched creation. As you near completion, backstitching becomes pivotal. For polyester threads, backstitch at least once, while for linen threads, aim for a minimum of two backstitches. The objective is aligned threads. Individually thread each needle back through the previous hole, guiding the thread under the other and pulling tight. For polyester, burn the threads on the less visible side, trimming them above the leather, melting, and flattening with a lighter. Linen threads require gluing; during the last backstitch, apply a small drop of glue, pull through the last hole, and repeat on the other side. Trim closely above the leather and press the ends back into the hole. Our detailed article guides you through this critical step, ensuring your hand-stitched creation is not just beautifully crafted but impeccably finished.

Xiange | Polyester Garen 15# (0.60Mm) Ml0001 Black / Medium Klos Supplies
Creating uniformity


As your stitching journey nears completion, the art of backstitching comes into play. For linen threads, aim for 2-3 backstitches; for polyester, just one suffices. A touch of finesse lies in starting backstitching from the beginning, ensuring a seamless transition and adding symmetry to your creation.

Begin your stitch by creating holes for the starting point. The first stitch mimics the beginning: the left needle forms a T, and after passing the right needle through, thread the left needle through the loop on the right side before tightening. Witness the expanded space, allowing easy parallel pulling of the threads.

Normal backstitching aligns the threads, occasionally requiring gentle guidance with a pricker or needle. In our concise guide, we demystify this critical phase, elevating your hand-stitched creation to a symphony of precision and elegance.

With our Handstitch guide, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to create the perfect stitchline. Explore our diverse collection in tools and threads and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or need assistance.