Workshop | Zippers: Beyond Making to Mastering

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Discover the world of zippers with our workshop 'Zippers: Beyond Making to Mastering'. Spanning two hours, this course delves into the multifaceted roles of zippers, exploring their functional and aesthetic significance.

We'll cover the theory behind zippers, including their technical functions, various types and finishes like YKK metal and YKK Excella. You'll learn how to adeptly choose the right zipper for your project, considering both its technical aspects and its potential to enhance your design as an accessory. Our expert guidance will also focus on practical skills, such as shortening zippers or creating custom lengths from a roll, complete with adding, sliders, pullers, start- and end-stops, tailored to your design needs. With a small group setting, you'll receive personalized attention and detailed instruction, leaving the workshop equipped with the knowledge and skills to skillfully incorporate zippers into your design projects.

Practical course details

Learning outcomes and program


This workshop is devided into a theoretical and a practical part.


After this course you will be able to:

  • Confidently name the zipper anatomy, from components to intricate details
  • Understand zipper mechanisms, shaping both function and design
  • Master refined finishes and discover the versatile applications of zippers in different creative realms
  • Craft custom zippers
  • Sculpt zippers by removing teeth and adding stops
  • Emerge with a blend of theoretical insights and practical skills


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  • A 2 hour course on zipper making
  • Tools will be given to use during the workshop, with a possibility to buy.
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About the Teacher

Justin de Kleer

Justin, a key creative force at Leatherbox, rediscovered his passion for creativity through leather and leatherworking, a feeling he had missed since his architecture studies in Delft. Committed to guiding customers towards the finest materials for their projects, Justin balances his quest for perfection with a strong desire to share his extensive knowledge. His courses go beyond mere instruction; they offer crafters and designers a chance to be inspired, to learn, and to deepen their understanding of materials. This not only aids in their project proficiency but also enriches their overall craftsmanship.

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